Tuesday, May 5, 2015

our home: closet updates

Last summer I couldn't stand our ugly, dark, functionless, cedar plank lined linen closet
for one more second.
So I took a hammer to it and started ripping out nails.
I was tired after about 2 planks. Apparently the builders wanted them to withstand a wrecking ball.
So I asked my husband to finish what I started.
That's usually how I get things done around here.
I have BIG plans for this place and when I start scheming
all my husband sees is hours of work and dollar signs.
Now there may be some truth to that but if I had things my way
our house would've been done a month after we moved in
and if he had it his way it would probably look exactly the same as it did when we moved in.
So we'll call this little game we play "compromise". ;)

So apparently in my haste I forgot to take before photos.
But these are the planks that covered the walls in the closet.
I basically got a splinter every time I needed a towel. Not cool.
Also, there was ZERO shelving.
So everything was literally in a giant pile on the floor. Good times.

My husband built the shelves and we patched and painted
and then I finally got to do the fun part, organize.
And now we have a beautiful WHITE organized linen closet.

This is also my little apothecary space.
It's where I keep all my essential oils, containers for mixing, bandages, etc.
We use a lot of oils in our bedtime routine so I like to have them handy
yet out of the reach of little fingers.

It might not be pinterest worthy because I actually have to store real life stuff in here
but I sure do love it now.
This is what we've done with some of those cedar planks.

My husband made this adorable baby gate!
He sanded it like crazy and all we put on it was a clear finish. I LOVE it.

The week we moved into our house I sketched out a rough plan for our master closet.
I took some measurements of the space, measured my boots and heals, took an inventory of what I had and figured out how I wanted to organize everything.
We have a nice sized closet but every closet in our house has that horrible metal shelving
and NO poles to hang clothes.
We literally had to put a hanger in every slot in the wire shelving. So stupid.
Again. No idea what the builder of this house was smoking.
After finishing my sketch I taped it to the back of the closet door knowing it was waaaaaay down
on the to-do list and that was okay with me.
There was so many other things that needed to be done first.
But my husband, being the awesome guy that he is, decided to surprise me
and build it out while I was on a trip with my parents and sister in January.
So this is what I left to only full of crap…

And this is what I came home to…

Organization station! My man definitely knows the way to my heart.
Its so much more fun getting dressed now that I can see everything I have.

Friday, April 24, 2015

young living essential oils: the basics

In February of 2014 I shared my first young living essential oil testimony. It had such a huge impact on me I ordered the starter kit immediately and have been using and LOVING my oils ever since. So I thought it was high time for me to share the basics with my readers (and the lurkers, you know who you are...and you know you want in on these amazing oils). The essential oil information is vast and limitless so in an effort to not overwhelm you I'm going to keep this post simple and to the point and will continue to share more EO posts.

First, the nitty gritty. I am not a doctor. I know this may come as a shock to many of you as I consistently scored high C's in math from 6th grade on - except for college algebra my freshman year when the grad student let us pick our own grades -  but I assure you, I did not go to med school. But seriously, don't make any radical changes to your health routine without talking to your doctor. I'm just a mama trying to do what's best for my family. The info and advice I give is meant to help educate and inform, not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Also, all the info I share is for YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS ONLY.

In addition to not being a doctor, I'm also not a scientist but essential oils fascinate me! Essential oils are easily evaporated liquids and aromatic compounds found within shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds that are usually extracted through steam distillation. Think of each plant containing its own "immune system" that protects it from pathogenic microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, etc.) and injury and we are lucky enough to bottle that liquid gold and use it for our own body's benefit. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and mentioned some 200 times in the bible and in ancient medical texts. Duh. They didn't have pharmaceuticals in previous centuries - essential oils WAS the medicine!

There are 3 ways to use essential oils.
Topically - diluted and neat (undiluted)
Aromatically - inhale directly from the bottle or diffuse
Internally - a drop under your tongue, a drop in your water, swallowed in a capsule

Essential oils are super concentrated, powerful and POTENT! You only need 1 to 2 drops. Never put them directly in your ear canal or eyes. Some oils are considered "hot" and need to be diluted, especially when used on children. Some oils are photosensitive and shouldn't be worn in the sun. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing and before changing your health care routine.

There are many different essential oils on the market today but please know the quality of the oil is EVERYTHING. Young Living Essential Oils are PURE, THERAPEUTIC grade essential oils. So pure, they can be ingested and so different from PERFUME grade essential oils and even oils purchased at health food stores which often contain fillers and are not 100% pure oil. Essential oils are currently not regulated by the FDA so companies can put whatever they want on the bottle. The reactions you may have seen or read about are due to not using the highest quality of essential oils and/or not using them properly. Check out Young Living's amazing Seed to Seal guarantee to learn about how their oils are cultivated - from the planted seed to the sealed bottle.

The absolute best way to start your essential oils journey is to purchase - and therefore fall in love with! - the premium starter kit. It comes with 10 "everyday" (the most versatile) oils, a bonus oil and a diffuser. Plus samples and helpful info. Also. Who you sign up with matters! I have talked to so many people pumped about trying out oils and then have no support system! I am part of an AWESOME team called Essential Families, started by 2 of my dear friends, and we have amazing resources where we are constantly supporting, educating and encouraging one another. We have a private Facebook page where you can ask any and every essential oil question and have it answered usually within MINUTES. We also have a website with tons of helpful resources and our team offers continuing ed classes every month that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Ready to order your kit? It's super easy. Click here and make sure my number (1629315) is entered in for sponsor and enroller. Fill out the blanks, follow the prompts and get excited! You are about to embark on a new and healthier journey for you and your family!

Skeptical? Still have questions? Totally understand. I would be happy to answer ANY of your questions! I'll share testimonies, tell how I use my oils, send you resources, info, whatever you need to make an informed and educated decision. Shoot me an email at: chelsea.hatfield@hotmail.com

Essential oils have been integrated into every part of my family's daily life and I can honestly say have improved the quality of our life and our health. Every day I'm finding new ways to use them and cannot WAIT for my order to arrive each month. It is so easy to be passionate about something that naturally and effectively improves your health, enhances your beauty and allows you to live life to the fullest. Just think of them as little drops from heaven. I know we do.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

jia rose's winter princess tea party

I've always felt more like a mom of boys.
I mean, I love my lipgloss and highlights
but I despise drama, process emotion more like a dude and have pretty thick skin.
But I have to admit, this having a girl thing is pretty dang fun.
Jia asked for a "frozen" party (of course) and I am pretty frozen'ed out
with that being the theme of our daddy daughter dance last year
and with it being E. VERY. WHERE.
So I said this was her "frozen" party but we went more of the "winter princess" route. :)
Manipulative? Maybe.
Grandma did princess face painting (I'm so mad I didn't get a photo!) 
and the girls were so sweet and patient waiting for their turn.
I sent the boys to Cabela's with daddy and we had the quietest, most lovely party ever.
I think I could get used to this…

Sunday, February 15, 2015

my baby is one.

For Jagger's first birthday, I wanted to celebrate all things "baby"
in hopes of prolonging and preserving his littleness for just a bit longer.
His invitations said "our last one is turning one".
I realize those could be "famous last words" but I assure you,
Most of the time I am at peace with that, other times I wonder where the time went
and how I could already be here…throwing my last first birthday party. Tear.

It was a great day and I so appreciate everyone who came out to celebrate our little man!

Jagger's birth story (that was somehow a year ago)