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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

children's book themed shower

This past weekend I had the privilege of co-hosting
a couples baby shower for some really good friends
who are expecting their second baby girl!

Even though we know Leanne's baby is a girl,
we wanted to do a "vintage children's' book" themed shower.
She kind of did the "pink thing" with her first little girl
and I think was ready for something different. :)
Plus, she's a first grade teacher and as cliche as it might be, I just couldn't help myself. ;)
I was worried the colors and details would end up looking too boyish
but I think more than anything, its a great gender neutral theme.
I most definitely was inspired by my friend Jami's book themed shower
as well as Disney's library themed birthday party
and have been itching to do my own rendition! :)

library card invites.

book paper fans.

classic coca~cola.

pom pom garland.
{available for purchase here!}

gotta have your veggies.

potato chips and onion dip.
{polka dot runner available for purchase here!}

chicken salad sandwiches.
{mini flags available for purchase here!}

pencils in a flower arrangement? why not?

book paper pinwheels.
{available for purchase here!}

classic blue mason jars.

and the super sweet fam of honor.

Leanne is the mastermind behind the famous blog "mrs. prince & co"
where she designs adorable printables for fellow teachers!

This was my last "big thing" before baby gets here
and I'm so grateful for my co-host and friend, Jancy, for offering to host at her place!
I'm so glad baby stayed put and let me be a part of this special day!
Kind of like Jia 2 years ago. :)
Now its time to play the waiting game!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

craigs list & chalk paint

Just to be open, honest, transparent, real...
I should probably start this post off by admitting
that I might have a slight addiction to craigs list.
And by slight I mean I scour it almost daily
and don't ever plan on buying another piece of new furniture again.
Okay, maybe a mattress. I'd probably buy a new mattress.
That being said, for the most part I make out pretty well.
But recently I did have my first craigs list FAIL.
Let's just say I won't be sending my husband to pick up items alone anymore.
No, it really wasn't his fault, but if I would have seen the item in person
I definitely wouldn't have bought it.
Unfortunately, he didn't know any better.
But fortunately, I was able to turn right around and sell it again with a loss of only about $5.

My most recent purchase and project was a new stand for our tv.
My husband received a new {gigantic} tv for Christmas last year
which completely dwarfed our pathetic garage sale, terribly painted (on my part) current tv stand.
The kids had also beaten it to hell which didn't help its lacking aesthetics.

In my excitement I forgot to get a picture of the old setup
but here's the old tv stand...

It now lives in the basement (aka. the used furniture lot, as my husband has recently named it)
where it can endure more abuse from the children.
This was actually a step UP from our previous tv stand...
which was a step up from the CHAIR our tv sat on when we first got married.
We've gone from really poor, to poor, to a lot less poor. ;)
We are super blessed to own our own home now but now our mortage makes us poor - ha! :)

I have been looking for months for just the right piece and knew exactly what I wanted.
And finally found this gem...

They were asking a bit much for it and I was able to get them to knock the price down a little
but I still ended up paying more than I had planned.
BUT. It was exactly what I wanted and it was in great shape.

I decided to paint it the same color as another table in our living room
(also an endeared craigslist purchase ;) )
and I know what some of you are thinking...
and the answer is yes.
Yes, I "ruined" a beautiful antique...that might even be real cherry...
but what I keep telling myself is that it's important to make your home "you", right?
Plus, I love giving used furniture pieces a fresh coat of paint
...especially ones that smell like old ladies.

I decided to try out this whole chalk paint phenomenon swirling around the blogosphere.
A friend of mine just redid her kitchen cabinets with it
and another friend and blogger redid her living room tables.
I researched and researched and researched and finally pulled the trigger
and decided to make my own homemade chalk paint.
(There are tons of homemade recipes out there - just google it!)
Here is the end result...

I honestly and truly love it.
It's so "me" and is a beautiful addition to our living room,
even though I haven't quite figured out an arrangement that doesn't look awkward.
I had my husband drill a hole in the back for cords so this piece now houses and hides
our wii, dvd player, remotes, equipment, dvds, etc. with plenty of room to spare.

I love its detailing and curves and even washed and reused the hardware,
something I rarely do.

A couple of things about chalk paint:

- it is a great choice for people who like the "farmhouse" worn look and/or don't like prep work

- chalk paint does not require prep work or sanding of any kind
and can be used on tons of different finishes

- designer/name brand chalk paint is probably way better quality but is pretty pricey

- I had a really hard time getting my homemade paint smooth, 
which left white clumps on the furniture. 
I was able to sand or rub off most with a wet rag but not all

- I used Plaster of Paris for my paint but I believe the best product to use is calcium carbonate.
It's just a little harder to track down and I was feeling impatient to start my project :)

- I don't love that after 2 coats and lightly sanding, I could see my brush strokes.
This might due to needing a new brush or the homemade chalk paint

- I used Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to seal it and absolutely love love love the finish

Monday, February 25, 2013

remember this: anniversary

Last year my mom opened up a little paper supply/scrapbooking shop in gardner, ks.
I was really excited when she asked me to plan her grand opening celebration.
I was also ready to deliver Jia Rose at any moment.
I just kept praying that little girl would let me set up the party I had worked so hard on.
And she followed directions like the good little girl she is. :)

It's been a year now and my mom asked me to set up a little table in honor of the anniversary.
She wanted all neutrals and I was pretty pumped with how it turned out.

I mostly used items she had sitting around her shop,
including that incredible wooden table - that I keep warning I'm going to steal! -
and antique display pieces as well as a lot of current product they're selling.
I made the canvas ruffle, lace fabric hoops and the lace trimmed burlap runner.
This was such a fun little project!

Friday, February 22, 2013

downton abbey season finale tea party

I'm sure we can all agree
(that is, those of us who are completely smitten with downton abbey
and all its history, drama, wit, and to-die-for wardrobes)
that the season finale last Sunday was quite the letdown.
BUT. It did offer me the perfect excuse to throw a tea party. :)

I didn't realize so many of my girlfriends watched the show until this season
when downton abbey photos consumed my instagram feed.
So I gathered them together and asked them to bring a tea party snack to share!

With Jia's big party the day before,
I wanted to keep this evening with friends simple.
And by simple I mean decorating just one table. :)
Here it is all ready for food and guests...

We had tea, wine and hot chocolate with baileys and kahlua
(are you kidding me!?!? so ridiculously good)
as well as cream cheese pound cake, cookies and yummy cheesy biscuits and marinara.
By candlelight.

My sweet friend Allyson posted this photo on instagram...

Leave it to my amazingly talented photographer friends to take better photos with their phones than I do with my camera - ha! :) 

My hubby snagged this photo.
Apparently we were cracking him up with all our "ooo's" and "ahh's" during the show. :)
He told me he figured it was the equivalent to the "big game" for dudes. :)

I'll wrap up with a little fashion tip I learned that night.
The perfect downton abbey hair-do, compliments of my super fashionable friend, Allyson.

Put an elastic headband over your head "hippie" style.
Then roll your hair up and over into the bottom of the elastic.
It's super easy but I think it probably works best on medium length hair, not short or super long.
I have a really hard time getting all my hair into it and getting it to stay.
So I'll secure with bobby pins and some hair spray.
But I think its sooo pretty and vintage!
My new favorite 'do! :)

blouse: forever 21
earrings: francesca's

Friday, January 4, 2013

modified wardrobe: homemade christmas outfit

As I got Jia dressed for the Christmas Eve service this year,
I realized that her entire outfit was homemade.

Someone, at some point in time, gave me this dress.
I, for the life of me, cannot remember who gave it to me or when,
but I remember them saying they thought I could make something out of the fabric.
Was it my mom?...
Anyway, my sister was over one day and found it...
What. Is THIS?
Hey! Put that back! That's your Christmas present!
She didn't buy that but it was her size so I made her put it on.
It fit. Like a glove.
She looked like a stereotypical homeschooler.
I can call her that cause she used to be one. ;)
And in case you were wondering, those puff sleeves are scalloped on the sides
and the trim is iridescent. Oh yeahhhhhhh.
Seriously. Mom. I think this was yours.

Anyway, the fabric is actually a gorgeous bluish purple velvet.
And since Christmas is really the only acceptable time to wear velvet,
and my daughter didn't have a Christmas dress I made her a skirt with it.
Baby skirts are super simple to make.
They're basically just a tube or ring of fabric thats gathered with an elastic waistband.

- I measure the child's waist 
(or use a standard size per age list that I have written down if its a gift)
and that number will be the size of the elastic needed
and then you double it for the length of the fabric.

- The width of the fabric will be however long you want the skirt to be
plus a couple of extra inches for the waistband and hem.

Do you just love this tutorial?
Most people love following directions like these.
But this is seriously how I make things. Usually I don't even measure.

- If you have one long piece of fabric you can just do one seam up the back
to join the piece together, but I usually do two pieces and a seam on each side of the skirt.

- When working with velvet, I would recommend doing some type of finish stitch
on all the raw edges as it frays like crazy.

- Once you have your "tube" hem the bottom (e.g. fold up and stitch).

- Then create a casing for the elastic, making sure its the right size for the size of elastic you're using. If its too small, the elastic obviously won't fit. If its too wide, the elastic will move around inside of it and get twisted during washing and wearing. Again, you just fold over the raw edge and stitch, but this time you leave a small opening to insert the elastic.

- Hook a safety pin to the end of the elastic and feed it into the casing.

- When you make it all the way around, lay the ends of elastic on top of one another, like a sandwich, and go over a few times on each end with your sewing machine to secure well, making sure its smooth all the way around the skirt and not twisted.

- Then stitch the small opening shut and spread out the fabric evenly around the elastic.

You should be left with a pretty, flowy, gathered skirt!

Amazingly, this was the best photo I got of my daughter modeling her Christmas outfit.
She's such a prima donna.
I mean, I'm not sure what her brothers are doing to her but still.
They look like they're trying to help and she's not having it.
Her gold polka dot onesie tutorial can be found here.
I was serious when I said she wears it A LOT.
Her headband is another Chelsea original. ;)
I had some satiny fabric that matched the velvet almost exactly
and then I glued one of my great grandma's (Jia's great great grandma Margaret)
costume jewelry earrings (probably circa 1950's or 1960's) in the center.
I'm kind of in love with it.
And might be stealing it for myself. ;)
If there's any interest in headband tutorials I'll write one.
The ones I make are pretty straightforward.

There you have it.
Jia's Christmas outfit for $0!

Monday, September 17, 2012

modified wardrobe: floral & lace skirt

One time a dear friend of mine gave me one of the best compliments I've ever received.
Maybe she was just being nice but I'm going to pretend as though she really meant it. :)
She told me that I have a gift for looking cute without spending a lot of money.
She actually prefaced her compliment with "I hope this isn't offensive but..."
I said, "no way!"
I am proud of the fact that I don't spend a lot,
and according to my very fashion forward friend,
actually look cute some of the time! :)
I do try to utilize my wardrobe the best that I can and I DEFINITELY do not spend much on it.
And recently I have been modifying a lot of what I already have
since my normal budget is even smaller, as house buying and renovating is not cheap. ;)

I often feel one step behind the trends but its important to me to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing and for it to be "me". So if I don't love the trend I don't wear it, but sometimes, I just need a little more time to get used to it. :)
These fashion boards I put together last spring
are a great representation of my "style".
Vintage. Feminine. And a little bit country. ;)
I love cowboy boots, gypsy style jewelry, and vintage looking dresses.
And I am a wee bit cardigan obsessed.
My forever fashion goal is to find apparel and accessories
that fit my style without spending a small fortune.

So I thought I would share some of the things I've been working on
and hopefully inspire you to give new life to the wardrobe (or at least an item or two) you already have.
Your husbands will thank me. ;)
{And maybe mine will finally believe me when I tell him I spend next to nothing on clothes. ;) }

chambray shirt: Gap - hand-me-down from my friend (I'm a sucker for anything with cowboy style snap buttons)
cowboy boots: Burlington - $30, I needed them for the Garth Brooks concert a few years ago ;)
skinny brown belt: Forever 21 - came free with another outfit
earrings: Forever 21 - $3.80 
floral skirt: The Buckle (I think) - I've had this skirt since college. It had a handkerchief style hem that I eventually cut off and made even all the way around. I just recently added the lace. I just picked up a yard or two at hobby lobby and stitched to the inside of the hem. It was seriously that easy. And now I LOVE it! A skirt that I bought in college!

I know we're headed into Fall
{and here in Kansas we've been enjoying some major gorgeous Fall weather!!}
but I have a couple summery items coming up next.
Maybe you could work on your summer wardrobe over the winter and be ready to go next year! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

country boy graduation party

If I didn't already feel old
{with the impending big 3-0 birthday this year}
some of my younger siblings are taking care of that for me
by graduating HIGH SCHOOL!!
Seriously. This is crazy.
Some of you might think its crazy to even have
siblings this young but I remember their births, so this is blowing me away.

I was thrilled to be asked to plan the graduation party
for my half brother Mason.
He is such a great kid
...I mean GIANT MAN standing at 6'-6"...
and its been really fun watching him grow UP (get it?) and turn out so well.
He's going to college on a football scholarship
and I could not be more proud of him or excited for what his future holds.

Mason lives in Gardner (a somewhat rural, small-ish town)
and loves all things country boy, so that plus the school colors was the theme for the day. :)
So, this is probably one of my favorite projects ever.
I stapled chicken wire to the back of this barn wood frame
then we used mini clothes pins to clip childhood pictures to it.
The entry table.
Basket for cards.
My stepdad smoked some delicious meat for sandwiches.

I put all the guys to work rolling silverware in napkins and tying them with twine. :)
  And again, my fabulous cookie lady made these super fun
graduation, football & mascot cookies.
My stepdad made this wooden box out of yardsticks.
I WILL be stealing it.
Ice tea in a big crock. Love.
 MASON jars...get it? ;)

I made this 3 tiered display out of cake pans from a thrift store
and wooden candlesticks that I spray painted blue & distressed.
I was really iffy about it but it ended up being just the thing to display these mini desserts.

I baked a really simple blueberry cobbler
in these little jam jars and tied them with wooden spoons from here.
They were definitely a crowd pleaser.
Congratulations Mason!!
Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day! :)